Mudmee Silk Pattern 2

ผ้าไหมมัดหมี่ บ้านสำโรงตาเจ็น ตำบลสำโรงตาเจ็น อำเภอขุขันธ์ จังหวัดศรีสะเกษ
ลายโคม (Khom pattern)

Samarn Mudmee silk is cultural heritage of Ban Somrongtajen. In the past, people wove Mudmee cloth for their daily life use. At present, the patterns and weaving technique have been developed. Nature-based patterns are employed. Mudmee silk cloth is considered valuable and commonly worn to auspicious ceremonies.

Manufacturing Procedures
Prepare silk threads. Dye them and weave silk cloth.

Product Strengths
The texture is fine with a meticulous pattern, reflecting the traditional weaving pattern.


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